Maybe the Borrowers were real after all…

21st December 2015 arts and crafts

Craftsmanship / craftwomanship is meant to be on the increase and it seems to be true. The advent of our beloved Mac’s hasn’t pushed artistry to the brink of extinction it has made it easier to get art and design […]

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Mighty Snowbear Merry Christmas

18th December 2015 arts and crafts, design and illustration, Festive Holidays

The weather outside is a little drab but especially at this time of year our hearts and minds turn towards the mountains. This year I have designed a bear climbing a mountain graphic and reaching for a star. I have […]

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Time waits for no designer

19th February 2015 design and illustration

Well it’s no secret that I’ve not posted anything on Mighty Snowbear for ages! Time got away from me as I’ve been busy working on other people’s websites and social media has not left time for my own. A terrible […]

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Design stencil onto fabric

8th August 2014 Uncategorized

Mighty Snowbear Design in Aylesbury making the most of the our scalpel skills by making a hand cut stencil for some outdoors cushions. All inspired by the warm evenings even in Buckinghamshire I set about making a hand cut stencil […]

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What colours can mean when designing a logo

20th January 2014 design and illustration, Uncategorized

Choosing a colour for a company logo / identity is a subtle way of getting your companies personality across be it modern, reliable or creative. Subtle changes in the actual colour can make a difference and there are always those […]

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Christmas Tag Printable

27th November 2013 design and illustration, Festive Holidays, Uncategorized

Cute modern Christmas tag to download or print. I’ve just removed this as I’m all New Year 2014 but if you would like a personalised version for Christmas, events, parties or weddings please say hello.

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Background to John Lewis Christmas Advert

19th November 2013 Festive Holidays

Getting side tracked from my folklore inspired fashion, graphics and everything else. I felt I had to include this beautiful piece of work that shows a good idea coming into reality through good craftsmanship and good craftswomanship too. Great job. […]

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Folk Art / Scandi Inspired Packaging

14th November 2013 design and illustration, Uncategorized

Do you eat more chocolate in the winter than the summer? I’m not a huge chocolate eater but winter is my thing for sure. I found these gorgeously illustrated chocolate bars which are worth a look. Can’t find anywhere in […]

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