On The Limit Gym

On The Limit Gym moved into their new building two years ago and have made many changes.

We have been lucky to work closely with the owners of On The Limit to help them to grow their initial identity into a strong recognizable brand. We have been busy designing social media graphics, clothing, event support, adverts, displays and their new website. Last year we designed a new ‘Under The Limit’ service aimed at helping young people get fit in a fun and safe environment during the holidays. This was so successful that there is now an Under The Limit class on the timetable.

Blue and Green should never be seen? We sometimes break rules and by using these two main colours together the gym has an identity which will stay fresh for many years to come.

Mighty Snowbear On The Limit Gym

CLIENT: On The Limit
SERVICES: Branding, Clothing, Displays, Events, Print, Social Media, Web

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