Onwards Without Limbs

Onwards Without Limbs [OWLS] is a small group that supports people who have lost a limb through accident or disease. They are supported by the Limbless Association and Nuffield Hospital Oxford.

We offered our services to OWLS for free so that their leaflets reflect the support that they give. Leaflets go into hospital patient packs and they also have some display banners for fund-raising events. Each year we make a minor tweak and update the meeting dates so that the design remains fresh and up to date.

The owl logo was a ‘must have’ so we redrew the owl and designed a lively and positive looking leaflet. The stylized feathers represent the freedom that ‘OWLS’ help to bring to the amputee as well as their family and friends.

CLIENT: Onwards Without Limbs (OWLS)
SERVICES: Branding, Print

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